The Office of Motor Vehicles Services

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles oversees driving services throughout its 64 parishes.

At a DMV office, you can do tasks like driver permitting & licensing, vehicle and motorcycle registrations, title replacements or transfers, renewals, calculate fees, and more. Drivers can also access a wealth of info on-location or get copies of forms for their driving-related tasks to file later.

DMVConnect has created an easy way to understand the Louisiana DMV system.

We know going to an LA DMV office gets frustrating. We took every bit of information we could find and compiled it into easy-to-understand LADMV guides. Our guides share Louisiana DMV locations, what to expect when you go, and how to complete tasks without the troubles.

Get Help with Louisiana DMV Services

Whether you’re a first-time driver going through the GDL program or need info about services, DMVConnect has what you need. Getting behind-the-wheel? You’ll find our guides refreshing since we make them so easy-to-understand, without the jargon.

Our database of LA DMV services covers the whole gamut of driving and vehicle ownership.

Topics we cover include (but not limited to):

  • Licensing & Registration
  • Traffic school & driver education
  • Driver safety & laws
  • Records & forms
  • Fees & taxes

…and anything else you may need as an LA resident, out-of-state driver, or military member.

Plus, we share helpful LA DMV tips to ace driving and written tests, forms and other paperwork you can expect to file, and tutorials to better know the rules of the road throughout the state. We’ve included a full overview of the online and mail-in options, too!

Need the latest information about your state’s driver and vehicle requirements? We’re covering that in our blog along with resourceful DMV and driving tutorials to make you a better Louisiana driver!

Find Louisiana DMV Locations Near to You

There are hundreds of offices throughout the state of Louisiana. Navigating the DMV listings can be a tedious process. That’s why we made our LA DMV directory. The directory and hub are easy to navigate so you can quickly find your nearest DMV.

Each DMV office page includes services offered, Louisiana DMV hours of operation, and contact details – letting you quickly get in, do your tasks, and be on your way.

We’ve included a ton of helpful links and official resources from primary and third-party sources so you’re never left wondering what to do next. It’s our goal to make the most complete hub of Louisiana driving-related information available on the Web.

Need to Make a Louisiana DMV Appointment?

The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles has an appointment system if registering for a road test. This system covers those getting their typical Class E license to motorcycles, CDL, and others. You can check with your local DMV to make an appointment – though not all offices offer it.

We hope you’ll find going to the DMV (or using their online or mail-in options) isn’t as difficult and annoying as they once seemed. A lot has changed since you went to the DMV! We’re here to make the process as easy and smooth as possible – look around, find what you need.

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